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Source: Nutr Rev. 2003 Jun;61(6 Pt 2):S101-4.
Title: Nutritionally enhanced rice to combat malnutrition disorders of the poor.
Author(s): Potrykus I.
Affiliation: Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich, Switzerland.
Abstract: Major deficiency disorders, including vitamin A deficiency, are especially common in countries in which rice is the staple food. In response to the devastating effects of vitamin A deficiency, which may include blindness and, even death, "Golden Rice" has been developed to deliver this nutrient to those populations who need it most. The case of Golden Rice is used to demonstrate the challenges of radical GMO opposition, consumer acceptance, and regulation of biotechnology-derived foods.
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Source: Nat Biotechnol. 1999 Mar;17(3):282-6.
Title: Iron fortification of rice seed by the soybean ferritin gene.
Author(s): Goto F, Yoshihara T, Shigemoto N, Toki S, Takaiwa F.
Affiliation: Department of Bio-Science, Central Research Institute Electric Power Industry, Chiba, Japan.
Abstract: To improve the iron content of rice, we have transferred the entire coding sequence of the soybean ferritin gene into Oryza sativa (L. cv. Kita-ake) by Agrobacterium-mediated transformation. The rice seed-storage protein glutelin promoter, GluB-1, was used to drive expression of the soybean gene specifically in developing, self-pollinated seeds (T1 seeds) of transgenic plants, as confirmed by reverse transcription PCR analysis. Stable accumulation of the ferritin subunit in the rice seed was demonstrated by western blot analysis, and its specific accumulation in the endosperm by immunologic tissue printing. The iron content of T1 seeds was as much as threefold greater than that of their untransformed counterparts.

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