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Author(s): Shiva, Vandana
Title: Golden Rice and neem: biopatents and the appropriation of women's environmental knowledge
Source: Women's Studies Quarterly 29, no. 1/2 (2001): 12-23
Standard No: ISSN: 0732-1562
Details: chart; foot
Descriptor: agribusiness
genetically modified organisms [includes crops and food]
imperialism [u s]
india -- economy
indigenous people's agriculture
intellectual property
international law
multinational corporations
shiva, vandana
third world women
u s-india relations
vitamins, minerals, and nutritional supplements
women and environment
Record Type: Article

or ...

Author(s): Kahler, Jane
Title: Iron-rich rice offers hope to many.
Source: Bogong 21, no. 4 (Summer, 2000): 3-4
Standard No: ISSN: 0159-6586
Descriptor: farming
genetically modified organisms [includes crops and food]
vitamins, minerals, and nutritional supplements
Record Type: Article

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