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Mathematics--Core Reference Materials

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What exactly is a core reference item?

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CRC Standard Mathematical Tables and Formulae [Grinnell]
Daniel Zwillinger, Editor
Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press, 2003
31st edition, revised; 925+ pages; detailed table of contents especially at the beginning of each chapter; each chapter has a brief bibliography; an extensive list of notations; large subject index.
" ... provides the basic mathematical reference materials required ... [for] practitioners in the many branches of mathematics, engineering, and the physical sciences" (from the Preface of the 30th edition).

Encyclopedia of Mathematics: An Updated and Annotated Translation of the Soviet 'Mathematical Encyclopaedia'
Michiel Hazewinkel, Managing Editor
Boston, MA: Reidel, 1988-1994
10 volumes; volume 10 consists of a very detailed subject index and an author index.
The Mathematics encyclopedia ... many of the articles contain extensive bibliographies; the articles are arranged alphabetically. The level of the text used in many articles assumes prior knowledge of the specific subject area or Mathematics in general.

How to find the above encyclopedias and other publications? See Step 3: Locate of the Information Strategy for details.

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