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Author Posada, G.; Gao, Y.; Wu, F.; Posada, R.; Tascon, M.; Schöelmerich, A.; Sagi, A.; Kondo-Ikemura, K.; Haaland, W.; Synnevaag, B. file  url
Title The Secure-Base Phenomenon Across Cultures: Children'S Behavior, Mothers' Preferences, And Experts' Concepts Type Journal Article
Year 1995 Publication Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development Abbreviated Journal  
Volume 60 Issue 2-3 Pages 27-48  
Keywords Attachment Behavior, Behavioral Science Research, Cross Cultural Studies, Cultural Differences, Developmental Psychology, Infant Behavior, Parent Child Relationship, Security (Psychology), Separation Anxiety  
Abstract Investigated the universality of children's use of their mothers as a secure base. Found that, on average, children in all seven of the countries and contexts studied were characterized as using their mothers as a secure base, but that they differed across cultures in the degree to which their behavior conformed to the definition of a securely attached child. (HTH)  
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