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Searching tips:
  • by default, when searching using more than one word, records are returned that contain all the words searched for--a Boolean "and" relationship. The and is implied; it is not necessary to type it into the seach box.
    • for example, a search on "global warming" will return all records containing both the words "global" and "warming" in the applicable search field(s).
  • a Boolean "or" search is not supported by this interface.
  • the search tool automatically truncates words.
    • for example, a search on "geo" will return records containing words such as "geochemical", "geophysical", "geology", etc.
  • to search specifically for Internet sites, search the words Web site in the Source field.
  • to search specifically for images, search the word image in the Source field.
  • if the results of your search are not what you are looking for, try again with a broader search. The Strategian Science Database is very selective, and a broader search may work more effectively than a very specific search.

Current database coverage:
  • important articles, books, and documents published from January 1999-present.
  • important articles, books, and documents published prior to 1999 are marked with the label Strategian Classic.
  • important currently-available Internet sites and reference publications (with no specified range of publication dates).
  • important images (with no specified range of publication dates).

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