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Sources of Statistics--Core Reference Materials

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What exactly is a core reference item?

The links to the publications that are available in paper below come from the Grinnell College Libraries Catalog. These Catalog entries provide additional information about each publication. Please check the catalog of your local library (or ask a librarian) to see which of these items are available to you.

If you choose to follow any of the active links below, you will be leaving the Strategian Web site. If you wish to return to this page from the site you are sent to, please use the Back option of your browser

  • General statistical databases:
    • FactSearch (description; contains specific statistics embedded in text taken from 1100+ magazines, journals, newspapers, and government publications published internationally; see your local librarian for possible access)
    • FedStats (description; using Topic links - A to Z can be helpful)

  • Individual publications and services (arranged by broad subject area):

  • How to find the above publications? See Step 3: Locate of the Information Strategy for details.

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