Inadequate sleep leads to big economic losses

According to a study by the Rand Corporation, the United States is suffering an economic loss of up to $411 billion annually due to people not getting enough sleep.  That translates into a loss of 1.23 million working days every year.  “The impact of chronic sleeplessness in the United States far exceeds the costs in other industrialized countries.”

In addition, “sleep deprivation is linked to a higher mortality risk.”  “An individual that sleeps on average less than 6 hours per night has a 10% higher mortality risk than someone sleeping between 7 and 9 hours ” per night.

“Inadequate sleep reduces the safety and productivity of workers.”  “Well-rested employees are more efficient, tend to be healthier, and feel more content.”

People “should be educated about the importance of sleep and sleep hygiene at a young age.”  “Poor sleeping habits in middle age can be traced back to sleep patterns formed in youth.”

Read the article (Bilal Choudhry, New York Times, August 21, 2018).




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