Science highlights: food waste, weather forecasting, 2080 climate, and sinking land

Food waste

1/3 of all fruit & vegetables produced annually are thrown away because they appear marked or spoiled. A new edible food coating–already in use–helps food last 2-3 times longer and can cut down on food waste.

Read the article (Charlotte Jee, MIT Technology Review, 14 February 2019).

Weather forecasting

Weather forecasting has improved; accurate forecasts can now be made for 10 days in the future. But, there appears to be a limit. Tiny atmospheric disruptions cause models to diverge after 2 weeks; 14-15 days may be the ultimate limit to weather prediction.

Read the article (Paul Voosen, Science, 14 February 2019).

Climate change …

What will our climate be like in 2080?

Check out this interactive map of 540 urban areas in North America–

Sea rise and sinking land in Louisiana

Sea levels are rising globally from melting ice and warming oceans. The impacts are huge. But, there is another factor–sinking land especially in river deltas. Louisiana, USA is an example; the land is sinking due to compacting soil and groundwater, oil, and gas extraction.

Read the article (Paul Voosen, Science, 30 January 2019).

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