The power of words …

As we all know, good communication is a bedrock virtue. For families, for organizations, for society to function well, we need to communicate honestly, sufficiently, and effectively.

When communication is deliberately dishonest–for political gain or whatever purpose–it causes short-term and long-term damage. Society, organizations, families suffer.

Communication can involve words, sounds, images, gestures, facial expressions, and more. Today, social media emphasizes images and video … but, words are still and will remain powerful.

So, which words are most powerful for you? Which words, when you hear or see them, can quickly create a sense of security, calm, trust, and well-being?

Please take the survey or comment; please list 5 words (or more, if you would like) that, upon hearing or reading them, can create within you a sense of calm and trust.

Thank you! (Kevin Engel, 23 February, 2019)

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