Science highlights: job automation, dishonesty, and craving sweets

Job automation in the fast food industry

Job automation is here and is happening in the fast food industry. 70% of fast food sales come from drive-through. From taking orders, customer interaction, even to cooking, machines are taking the place of human beings–all to get your burger 58 seconds faster.

Read the article (Peter Holley, Washington Post, 22 February 2019).

Truth and lies

“Lying or acting dishonestly is a powerful act that is intent on retaining stability and social order.” But, whose order and stability? A corporation? A billionaire? A politician? A political party? Is it for the good of society, or for the benefit of a few?

Read the article (Kevin Engel, 26 February 2019; article by Melody Carter, Nursing Philosophy, July 2016).

Craving sweets when stressed

Why do we crave sweets when we feel stressed? Our brain normally uses half of our daily intake of carbohydrates and, under stress, the brain needs even more energy. Carbohydrates in the form of glucose (like chocolate) provide our bodies with the quickest source of energy.

Read the article (Achim Peters, Scientific American, 27 February 2019).

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