Science Primary Literature Database–last 5 added

The Science Primary Literature Database provides access to primarily journal articles and book chapters that have been found useful by college and university science students.  The publications included in the Database have been both used and cited by multiple students and highly cited in the peer-reviewed scientific literature. The Database continues to grow as new items are identified.

The last 5 items added to the Database are —

Grimm, J. B., Heckman, L. M., & Lavis, L. D. (2013). The chemistry of small-molecule fluorogenic probes.
Progress in Molecular Biology and Translational Science113, 1–34.

Ptaszek, M. (2013). Rational design of fluorophores for in vivo applications
Progress in Molecular Biology and Translational Science113, 59–108.

Pearcy, R. W., Tumosa, N., & Williams, K. (1981). Relationships between growth, photosynthesis and competitive interactions for a C3 and C4 plantOecologia48 (3), 371–376.

Genz, M., Melse, O., Schmidt, S., Vickers, C., Dörr, M., van den Bergh, T., et al. (2016). Engineering the Amine Transaminase from Vibrio fluvialis towards Branched-Chain Substrates. ChemCatChem8(20), 3199–3202.

Sklash, M. G., & Farvolden, R. N. (1979). The role of groundwater in storm runoff. Journal of Hydrology43(1-4), 45–65.

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