Chennai, India is running out of water (quick post)

Chennai, India is running out of water
Satellite imagery showing Chennai’s Lake Puzhal, Chennai’s largest reservoir, in June 2019.
GIF: ESA Sentinel Hub

News: Chennai, India, a city of nearly 5 million people, has become the latest major city to run out of water.

Climate change (drought and increasing heat) along with massive, rapid population growth and weak planning and infrastructure inefficiencies have put Chennai into the same category as Sao Paulo, Brazil and Cape Town, South Africa.

Think it can only happen in other places? The western United States is being particularly affected by climate change. Which city is next? Phoenix? Los Angeles?

Learn more: Why Chennai, India’s Sixth Biggest City, Has Run Out of Water (Brian Kahn, GIZMODO, 21 June 2019).

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