Large, intense thunderstorms will happen more frequently

Thunderstorm, Grinnell, Iowa, USA, June 2019
Midwest, USA thunderstorm, June 2019

News: “Large, intense thunderstorms cause flooding and fatalities.” The United States is especially impacted. Storms of this nature (mesoscale convective system-organized storms) “have increased in frequency and intensity in the USA over the past 35 years.”

Research using a climate model which can “realistically simulate” this type of storm tracked changes through 2100.

The result?

Intense summer thunderstorms “will more than triple in North America.” Maximum precipitation rates with these storms may also increase 15-40% and significantly more area will be impacted by the heavy rain.

This trend substantially increases “future flood risk” — the risk of fatalities, property damage, economic losses, and more.

Will our communities and infrastructure be able to adapt and handle these changes?

Learn more: Near doubling of storm rainfall (Zhe Feng, Nature Climate Change, 2017).

And, go to the source: Increased rainfall volume from future convective storms in the US (Andreas F. Prein, et al., Nature Climate Change, 2017).

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