The Midwestern U.S. is still flooding (quick post)

The midwestern United States is still flooding (June 2019)
Residents cope as floodwater from the Mississippi River rises on June 1, 2019 in Foley, Missouri.
Credit: Scott Olson Getty Images

News: The lower Mississippi River in the United States is still flooding; some towns have seen continual flooding in 2019 for as long as 100 to 200 days with no end in sight.

This is not normal … but, it may be the new normal.

Billions of dollars in damage, billions of dollars in lost income to farmers, thousands of lives uprooted and impacted. This is happening–today, in America. Yes, this is climate change; there is no one-time fix.

What is the U.S. Federal Government doing to adapt to and mitigate these climate-driven conditions?

Learn more: No end in sight for record Midwest flood crisis (Daniel Cusick, Scientific American, 26 June 2019).

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