Nine evidence-based guidelines for a good life (Gary M. Bakker)

The Worry Filter

The guidelines (“discovered through observation” and research) are —

*Exercise your body and your brain every day.

Research shows that “moderate, daily exercise” for your body and your brain “is good for nearly everyone.”

*Count your blessings.

Positive thinking is important and powerful.

*Try to see others’ points of view.

Focusing on someone else regularly, and doing them some good, will make you feel better.

*People, not things, make you happy.

“For most of us, our family and friendships bring happiness much more than riches [or seeking fame] do.”

*Work to earn, to live. Don’t live for your work.

*Keep reminding yourself: it’s not all about me.

We, as an individual, are not the center of the world. Thinking this way “is not true and definitely not helpful. It can make a person socially anxious, self-conscious, and can cause spiraling performance anxiety. At the extreme, it produces paranoia, grandiosity, or narcissism.” Beyond a small circle, almost all of us are each just one of about eight billion.

*Just teach your kids how to cope.

*Use your conscious reasoning to slowly make the changes you want.

You can achieve change over time–by deciding to do it–through “deliberately and consciously” altering your environment. But, it takes time.

*When stressed, process your worries consciously (see the “Worry Filter” above).

Go to the source: it is worth your time —

Bakker, Gary M. (2019). Nine evidence-based guidelines for a “good life.” Skeptical Inquirer, 43(6), 34-39.

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