School shootings, firearm laws, and gun ownership in the United States

Guns and violence

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*Reeping, P. M., Klarevas, L., Rajan, S., Rowhani-Rahbar, A., Heinze, J., Zeoli, A. M., . . . Branas, C. C. (2022). State firearm laws, gun ownership, and k-12 school shootings: Implications for school safety. Journal of School Violence. [Cited by]

“Limited research has been conducted on the state-level factors that may be associated with intentional school shootings. We obtained school shooting data from the Washington Post that identified any act of intentional interpersonal gunfire in a K-12 school over the course of two decades. We also compiled new data on active school shootings during the same twenty-year time period, which identified any attempted mass shooting incident in a K-12 school. We conducted a time-series analysis to measure the association of permissiveness of state firearm laws and state gun ownership with K-12 school shootings and active shootings. More permissive firearm laws and higher rates of gun ownership were associated with higher rates of both school shootings and active school shootings after controlling for critical covariates. Specific recommendations for K-12 schools to consider as they seek to prevent acts of intentional gunfire on school grounds are presented.”

*Reeping, P. M., Gobaud, A. N., Branas, C. C., & Rajan, S. (2021). K-12 school shootings: Implications for policy, prevention, and child well-being. Pediatric Clinics of North America, 68(2), 413-426. [Cited by]

“All children in K–12 schools have a right to a safe and secure learning environment, which
allows for their healthy development.

When a school shooting occurs, the harm goes beyond those who were directly injured or
killed and has mental health consequences for all who are directly or indirectly affiliated
with the tragedy

Many existing interventions—including physical security measures, active shooter drills,
arming teachers, behavioral interventions, and federal or local laws—have been proposed
and/or subsequently implemented without consideration for how such interventions may
have an impact on the well-being of children

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