I am Kevin Engel, Science Librarian at Grinnell College (Grinnell, Iowa, USA) since 1986.  Since the early 1990’s, I have worked with colleagues statewide and regionally to help provide digital access to quality information resources for college and university students.

Strategian.com goes back to February 1999 (see the evolution of this site though the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine).  Today, just as it was in 1999 and before, information access is a two-way street.  The information comes to us, or we search and find it.  And then, the person using the information must be skeptical, vigilant, and willing to question.  The payoff is knowledge and understanding–which can be a respite from stress, fear, and confusion (sometimes an intended product of deliberate disinformation).

The goal of the Strategian Science blog, the Science Primary Literature database, Science Bibliographies Online, CuratedSci, and the other parts of the Strategian “Universe” is to assist you to become aware of, to obtain, and to critically assess the information that helps you to understand science (the world’s physical, technological, and psychological forces) and how it impacts your life.

Many thanks to Griffin Engel for his hard work and invaluable contributions to this project–especially the look and feel of all parts of the Strategian Universe, much of the content of Science Primary Literature, CuratedSci, and our media presence.

And thank you for visiting Strategian.com–an open educational resource (OER).

Questions or comments?  Please let me know (engelk@grinnell.edu).