Further loss of plant and animal species due to climate change may occur abruptly

Earth’s climate is changing. No, it is not a hoax, not a projection, not something that may happen hundreds of years from now, and not some scare tactic from evil liberals. No, it’s really changing; it is happening right now. And, one of the consequences has been and is a loss of biodiversity–the extinction and disappearance of animal and plant species. “32% of all known…

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Microplastics, horizontal gene transfer, and impacts on human health

An estimated 300 million tons of plastics are produced annually. Millions of those tons enter our air, soil, and water as waste every year. As waste, some of this material–still millions of tons–breaks down into smaller particles, or microplastics (< 5 mm in size); the microplastics come from the manufacture of industrial products and the physical, chemical, and biological degradation of larger pieces of plastic…

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Consumer DNA testing and the placebo effect

Research shows that receiving genetic risk information for Alzheimer’s, cancer, obesity, etc. through consumer DNA testing can change actual body physiology, exertion/endurance during exercise, and the feeling of fullness after eating “in a self-fulfilling manner.” The placebo and nocebo effects can be powerful … Featured article: Turnwald, B. P., Goyer, J. P., Boles, D. Z., Silder, A., Delp, S. L., & Crum, A. J. (2019)….

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