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Records from the Science Primary Literature database provide (where available) free full text access to journal and magazine articles (example). These links are also available through the Strategian Science blog and Science Bibliographies Online. Strategian provides secure and stable access to the full text (links at other sites may come and go). All currently available full text articles can be seen here. Questions? Please let…

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CuratedSci: science news from the best sources

CuratedSci is your one-stop resource for science-related news from the best science news sources.  Leveraging the expertise of well-known and respected organizations, CuratedSci provides a chosen and convenient list of news stories–updated hourly with a three-week archive. CuratedSci was created by Griffin Engel and is part of the Strategian Universe of science resources. Make CuratedSci your source for science news! URL: https://sciencenews.strategian.com/ RSS feed: https://sciencenews.strategian.com/public_html/feed/ Questions or comments? Please…

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Extreme weather and a changing climate

Our climate is changing, and rapidly. The evidence is all around us. One result of our changing climate is the increased frequency of weather and weather-related extremes across the Earth–stifling and dangerous heatwaves, prolonged and profound drought, torrential rain leading to deadly and destructive flooding, inexorable sea level rise, explosive wildfires and then smoke affecting skies, air quality, and health thousands of miles away, lives…

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Climate change = a greater frequency of extreme weather

More evidence … See also: Extreme weather and climate change: the connections and impacts Connections with a changing climate: drought, intense rainfall, and flooding How cities are/will be impacted by climate change Weather extremes–global warming and polar cold Excessive rainfall–the new normal Questions? Please let me know (engelk@grinnell.edu).

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Search the Science Primary Literature Database

Students, Educators: use the Science Primary Literature Database … Available at no cost; curated and updated; search for articles, books, and images that actual college and university students have found useful for papers, projects, labs, and experiments, plus links to full text and links to citing publications. Database help See also — Science Sources/Bibliographies (starter bibliographies on a range of science topics) Subject Guides (Agriculture,…

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Why should you critically evaluate information? Because of situations like this …

A key part of information evaluation is to understand the context in which the information was created. What is the motivation? Why was the information presented in that particular way? It could be use of certain words, specific images, formatting, color, etc.? Putting or displaying the information in a particular place? Why is it being done that way? What emotion do they want you to…

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