Science Learning

The curriculum:

*Information Strategy


Evaluating information/source evaluation (video) —

Keyword searching: finding and identifying search terms (video) —

Choosing Sources (video) —

*Science Matrix

Science Matrix overview (video) —

Science Matrix #2: unpacking primary literature (video) —


*Session for an introductory Biology class (college level) on how to search for, choose, and obtain academic information (primary and secondary literature) in the Life Sciences. This class especially focuses on searching for information about the model organism, Arabidopsis thaliana, and how it reacts and responds to environmental stress (video) —


*Session for a Chemistry class (college level): using SciFinder to search Chemical Abstracts and Medline (video) —


*Session for a Psychology class (college level): using PsycINFO and searching for academic literature (video) —

*Disinformation and Fear (video) —

*How Disinformation SpreadsĀ (video) —

*Narcissism and Social Media (video) —

*Scapegoats and self-blame (video) —

Science Subject Guides:

More to come …

Questions? Please let me know.

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