Aging chimpanzees and aging humans: not that far apart

As humans and chimpanzees age, they exhibit similar patterns of social behavior. Aging behavior in humans was thought to be based on the ability to realize and understand that our lives were drawing to a close. But, that may not be the case. The similarities between aging humans and aging chimpanzees may point to a deeper evolutionary mechanism. Featured article: *Rosati, A. G., Hagberg, L.,…

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Life expectancy vs. life span for humans: has it really changed?

Are we living longer than our ancestors or even people that lived thousands of years ago? It seems that way; life expectancy, until recent years, has risen steadily for decades in many countries (but not in many others or even not within the same country; the benefits of medical advances have not been shared or experienced equally). But, life expectancy–a statistic, an average–is different than…

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