Binge drinking is a growing public health crisis − a neurobiologist explains how research on alcohol use disorder has shifted

Nikki Crowley, Penn State (from The Conversation) With the Amy Winehouse biopic “Back to Black” in U.S. theaters as of May 2024, the late singer’s relationship with alcohol and drugs is under scrutiny again. In July 2011, Winehouse was found dead in her flat in north London from “death by misadventure” at the age of 27. That’s the official British term used for accidental death…

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Moderate drinking has no health benefits

Does drinking alcohol have any positive health outcomes? In particular, some past studies have implied that moderate drinking could have some benefit. A journal article that reviewed past research says “no.” Moderate drinking has no health benefits. “This systematic review and meta-analysis of 107 cohort studies involving more than 4.8 million participants found no significant reductions in risk of all-cause mortality for drinkers who drank…

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Drinking alcohol and the risk of cancer: what do Americans believe?

Can drinking alcoholic beverages cause or increase the risk of developing cancer? Yes. But do Americans believe that? An update to the Drinking alcohol: how much is too much? bibliography; for the most current version of the bibliography, see — Featured article (this article has been added to the Science Primary Literature database): *Kiviniemi, M. T., Orom, H., Hay, J. L., & Waters, E….

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A healthy lifestyle equals more years of life without major diseases

Connections: “Various healthy lifestyle profiles appear to be associated with extended gains in life lived without type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, and cancer.”  What does this mean?/background: Healthy habits add up to 10 disease-free years to your life, study reveals. NHS, January 9, 2020. Research: Nyberg, S. T., Singh-Manoux, A., Pentti, J., Madsen, I. E. H., Sabia, S., Alfredsson, L., . . ….

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Drinking alcohol: how much is too much?

For alcohol consumption, how much is too much? Clearly, prolonged heavy drinking or heavy binge drinking is bad; there are a range of negative effects–health, disease, neurological, and behavior. But, occasional, “social” light to moderate drinking? There have been studies that purported to show some health benefits. Is that true? Or, is all alcohol consumption bad? Does it have anything to do with how the…

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