Nuclear power and climate change: update

There has been vigorous debate for more than 20 years about whether nuclear energy can be considered a viable option to help mitigate/prevent warming global temperatures as a result of a changing climate. Can nuclear power be considered a low-carbon energy source? In this featured article, Nikolaus Muellner, et al. evaluate “the climate protection potential of nuclear power” and also factor in “the needed uranium resources.”…

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Nuclear power and climate change

There are many connections between nuclear power and climate change. Public perception of nuclear power has a very important and powerful impact on its current use and potential future development. Quick bibliography: Reviews/recent articles on nuclear power and climate change. Classic review: *Poumad√®re, M., Bertoldo, R., & Samadi, J. (2011).¬†Public perceptions and governance of controversial technologies to tackle climate change: nuclear power, carbon capture and…

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Restoring and maintaining natural forests can be a key to controlling carbon in the atmosphere

News: Recent headlines and research built on the 2018 IPCC special report have indicated that planting about 1 billion new hectares of forest globally (and preserving those trees to maturity) could substantially help limit global warming to 1.5 degrees C by 2050; 1 hectare is equivalent to about 2.5 acres. That sounds somewhat encouraging (though a 1.5 degree C increase will still have large and…

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