Full text access through Strategian

Records from the Science Primary Literature database provide (where available) free full text access to journal and magazine articles (example). These links are also available through the Strategian Science blog and Science Bibliographies Online. Strategian provides secure and stable access to the full text (links at other sites may come and go). All currently available full text articles can be seen here. Questions? Please let…

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Searching for topics and sources in Biology?

Search Science Primary Literature (external database): Antibiotic resistance Bacterial pathogens Bacterial resistance Biology Botany Caenorhabditis elegans Escherichia coli Food contamination Gut microbiome/microbiota Microbiology Molecular Biology Plant stress Prairie See the Science Bibliographies (external site): Arabidopsis: model organism in Biology Bacteriophages: basic science and applications Microbiome/microbiota: influences on disease and behavior Symmetry breaking and Biology For more resources, try: Subject Guide: Biology Biology textbooks (OER Commons)…

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Algorithms, part 2: impact on searching and finding academic information

Algorithms are literally everywhere in the digital environment. The databases, sources, and systems you use at a college or university or high school are not immune. They use algorithms as well. At a basic level, algorithms can help with searching, sorting, pattern matching, and more. An algorithm impacts how the search is done/interpreted and what records from a database are brought forward in response and…

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Search the Science Primary Literature Database

Students, Educators: use the Science Primary Literature Database … Available at no cost; curated and updated; search for articles, books, and images that actual college and university students have found useful for papers, projects, labs, and experiments, plus links to full text and links to citing publications. Database help See also — Science Sources/Bibliographies (starter bibliographies on a range of science topics) Subject Guides (Agriculture,…

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