“Ultra-processed foods damage health and shorten life”

“Ultra-processed foods … encompass a broad range of ready to eat products, including packaged snacks, carbonated soft drinks, instant noodles, and ready-made meals. These products are characterized as industrial formulations primarily composed of chemically modified substances extracted from foods, along with additives to enhance taste, texture, appearance, and durability, with minimal to no inclusion of whole foods.” “Analyses of worldwide ultra-processed food sales data and consumption…

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Food and diet and impacts on human behavior

What are the connections between the food we eat and how we behave? In particular, is there a connection between diet and aggressive behavior? Can this connection be used to help reduce the aggressive behavior that leads to criminal acts? Featured article: *Tcherni‐Buzzeo, Maria. (2023). Dietary interventions, the gut microbiome, and aggressive behavior: Review of research evidence and potential next steps. Aggressive Behavior, 49(1), 15-32….

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Climate change and agriculture: damage to crops

Our changing climate is impacting agriculture today and will continue for decades to come. No place on Earth is immune to this; the major growing areas of the world are being affected. Additional impacts brought on by war, supply chain issues, resource shortages, and more just add to the impacts and the consequences. And beyond smaller harvests, crops grown in high carbon dioxide (CO2) conditions…

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Food waste: beyond good ideas, what will people actually do?

On an international scale, food waste is a big problem. “The largest contribution to food waste is from the consumption stage, where household food waste represents the largest share.” In a time of growing food insecurity even in so-called richer countries–due to war, the effects of climate change on agriculture, supply chain problems, and more–wasting a large percentage of the food that is produced magnifies…

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Agriculture and climate change: foods for the future

Climate change is impacting agriculture around the world. The greater frequency of weather extremes including heatwaves, drought, and it’s opposite, torrential rainfall and flooding (and their consequences) are impacting crop yields and sometimes destroying harvests. The world’s population is growing; how do we feed more people when corporate agricultural practices and a changing climate are impacting the amount of food being grown and produced? One…

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Parent influence on child obesity

How do parents influence the development of obesity in their children? Conversely, how can parents prevent child obesity? An update to the Childhood obesity and parents’ influence bibliography. Featured articles (these articles have been added to the bibliography): *Benton, D. (2004). Role of parents in the determination of the food preferences of children and the development of obesity. International Journal of Obesity and Related Disorders,…

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