Guns and violence

Do guns deter crime and violence?

Many people believe that owning a gun makes them safer. That having a gun in their home or carrying a gun deters potential criminal acts and makes it less likely they will become a victim of violent crime. This belief rests on an assumption that individuals considering a criminal act take into account the possibility that their intended victim has a gun and, then, see…

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Gun ownership and violence

Quick bibliography: Reviews/articles on the connections between gun ownership and violence. **updated November 2020** Classic review: van Kesteren, J.N. (2014). Revisiting the Gun Ownership and Violence Link: A Multilevel Analysis of Victimization Survey Data. The British Journal of Criminology, 54 (1), 53–72. [PDF] [Cited by] “The link between gun ownership victimization by violent crime remains one of the most contested issues in criminology. Some authors claim…

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Owning a gun does not make you safer

News: The wide and easy availability of guns is a contentious issue in the United States and in some other countries. Many people believe that owning a gun makes them and their household safer. The firearms industry has long promoted this idea–to encourage the sale of guns, ammunition, and gun accessories … so it’s not surprising that many people believe it. Proponents of this idea…

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