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Opioids: little benefit for muscle pain

Opioids are commonly prescribed and used for the management and treatment of muscle pain in humans. Research is showing, however, that they work no better for muscle pain than other safer treatments. While opioids can be effective, for instance, for “short-term relief of other types of severe pain, such as right after surgery and with broken bones” (Dr. Hance Clarke, medical director of the pain…

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Opioids: addiction and overdose — update

An update to the Opioids, addiction, and overdose bibliography; these articles have been added to the bibliography and to the Science Primary Literature Database. ** for the most current version of this bibliography, see — https://sciencebibliographies.strategian.com/opioids-addiction-and-overdose/ Featured articles: *Chalhoub, R. M., & Kalivas, P. W. (2020). Non‑Opioid treatments for opioid use disorder: Rationales and data to date. Drugs, 80(15), 1509-1524. “Opioid use disorder (OUD) represents…

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Declining life expectancy in the United States

Life expectancy in the United States is declining–officially since 2014–but the causes have been a long time in the making extending back to at least 1999. “Midlife adults” (25-64 years of age) have experienced the largest increase in death rates especially due to — drug overdoses suicide alcohol-related diseases obesity hypertension renal failure “The U.S. life expectancy gap between the richest and poorest 1% of…

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Opioids, addiction, and overdose

Bibliography: Reviews/recent articles on opioids, addiction, and overdose. **Updated March 2021** Classic review: *Paulozzi, L.J. (2012). Prescription drug overdoses: A review. Journal of Safety Research, 43 (4), 283-289. [Cited by] “Overdoses involving prescription drugs in the United States have reached epidemic proportions over the past 20 years. Host factors include male sex, middle age, non-Hispanic white race, low income, and mental health problems. Agent risk factors include use…

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