Oxycodone pills

Opioids: little benefit for muscle pain

Opioids are commonly prescribed and used for the management and treatment of muscle pain in humans. Research is showing, however, that they work no better for muscle pain than other safer treatments. While opioids can be effective, for instance, for “short-term relief of other types of severe pain, such as right after surgery and with broken bones” (Dr. Hance Clarke, medical director of the pain…

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Pharmaceuticals: corporations, markets, and manipulation?

Three books that examine the global pharmaceutical industry, the quest for profit, inequality and inequity, our own perceptions, the value of life itself, and more. *Petryna A. Lakoff A. & Kleinman A. (2006). Global pharmaceuticals: ethics, markets, practices. Duke University Press. [PDF] [Cited by] *Dumit J. (2012). Drugs for life: how pharmaceutical companies define our health. Duke University Press. [PDF] [Cited by] *Ecks S. (2022)….

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