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Science Primary Literature Database

The Science Primary Literature Database provides access to journal articles, book chapters, and images that have been found useful by college and university science students.  The publications included in the Database have both been used and cited by multiple students and highly cited in the scientific literature.

There are two ways to search the Database:

*Quick Search — the two boxes search a description of the content of the publication (includes information typically found in the abstract, subject headings, and title fields).

Words typed in the two search boxes will be combined in a Boolean AND search:

climate change



… will search for all records that contain the phrase “climate change” AND a variant of the word “stress.”

The operator AND provides a more focused search than the Boolean operator OR.

In addition, the AND and OR operators can be used within a search box by typing the operators in capitol letters; for example —

climate change AND stress (see above)

climate change OR stress (will search for all records that contain either the phrase “climate change” OR a variant of the word “stress”)

Two or more words together will be searched as a phrase (example, climate change, global warming, pathogenic bacteria).

*Search — allows searching of a range of additional information including author, publication year, and publication title.

Again, the different search boxes are combined in a Boolean AND search.  And, the OR and AND operators can be used within any box.

Topics covered by the Database include —

Arabidopsis; Bean Beetles (Callosobruchus maculatus); Climate change; Escherichia coli (E coli); Microbiomes/microbiota; Pathogenic bacteria; Prairie; Prodigiosin; Serratia; Xenopus (African clawed frogs)

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