Humility is the foundation to a virtuous life

Jen Cole Wright, College of Charleston (from The Conversation) The default psychological setting for human beings is an unavoidable self-centeredness. We each stand at the center of our own thoughts, feelings and needs, and thus experience them in a way that we cannot experience the thoughts, feelings and needs of others. As writer David Foster Wallace put it in a 2005 commencement address: “ ……

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The benefits of kindness

Be kind to others; it’s good for you and for them. “Doing good is, in fact, good for you.” There have been many supporting studies. Kindness of different kinds has “been related to increased life satisfaction, decreased depression, lower blood pressure”, a longer life, and more. Both the givers and the receivers of kindness see the benefits. Quick bibliography: Recent research about the benefits of…

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Be kind to others; it’s good for you and for them

News: You can be kind to others–you really can. It’s something you can control. So much of life today seems constrained, controlled, surveilled, forced, overshadowed. The world may be going to hell … or seem like it. You may feel at the mercy of overpowering greed, corruption, incompetence, bald-faced lies, misogyny, xenophobia, discrimination, fear-mongering, endless political division, crime, out-of-control weather, social upheaval, a world seemingly…

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